Level 3 updates for the Canterbury Muslim Community

The government has released specific information for the Muslim community during Level 3 including what to do during Ramadan.

Please see an excerpt of the information below:

Can Muslims extend their bubbles, or gather up to 10 people during Ramadan?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to extend your bubble further to bring in extra people
to celebrate or mark religious events.

Your household bubble can be extended during Alert Level 3 to reconnect with close
family, bring in caregivers, or support isolated people. That bubble must stay small
and exclusive at all times.

Muslims are encouraged to observe Ramadan at home, with their own bubble.

Can Muslims come together for Iftaar, Isha and Taraweeh?

You can come together within your bubble for Iftaar and Isha, but unfortunately not
with people outside your bubble. As with all religious groups, gatherings for religious activity present a very high risk of transmitting COVID-19, even at Alert Level 3. Muslims are encouraged to hold Iftaar and Isha and Taraweeh prayers within their bubble, and at home. 

Can mosques and other religious venues open during Level 3 if social distancing rules are observed?

Unfortunately no. All venues must stay closed to the public under Alert Level 3 including mosques and other faith-based venues. Workers from the mosque can go
into mosques and other religious venues to work e.g. to conduct online religious
services. Many places of worship are catering for communities using a variety of
online methods.