Jummah Salat Announcement for 29 May

Image by: Deon Swiggs

Image by: Deon Swiggs

Announcement from Mohammed Abdi Jama (President Muslim Association of Canterbury) and Shiekh Gamal Fouda (Imam Masjid AN-NUR).

From Friday 29 May, Masjid AN-NUR (Al Noor Mosque) will open for all salat prayers. Insha’Allah we shall perform Jummah Salat as well.

Under COVID-19 restrictions, all congregational prayer must be limited to 100 people with 2-meter social distancing at all times.

Usual salat numbers rarely exceed 100, so please attend as you would normally. However, due to the numbers of attendees for Jummah salat prayers there are new measures to mitigate any risk.

  1. Due to restricted numbers and space, public prayer on 29 May is restricted to men only. We are working on securing additional sites for our sisters and children. 
  2. There is a booking system that must be adhered to - each individual must register. You cannot register for your whole household. A confirmation email will be sent when you have registered.
  3. You must bring your own prayer mat and position yourself 2-metres apart.

AN-NUR will have four sessions of Jummah on Friday 29 May:

Session one begins 12.30pm

Session two begins 1.30pm 

For more information please contact your local mosque.