Current status of COVID-19

Christchurch is at COVID-19 alert level 2. 

Christchurch, and New Zealand, is currently on alert level 2. Auckland is on alert Level 3.

What this means for Ōtautahi:

  • Schools and education facilities are open
  • Businesses can open premises if they can adhere to strict public health guidelines
  • Gatherings and venues are limited to 100 people 
  • Physical distancing still applies
  • There are strict government regulations around contact tracing. 

These restrictions will remain until 11.59pm 26 August.

Levels will be reviewed on 21 August.

Islam, being a complete code of life, provides guidance for scenarios such as COVID-19

  • Life is a gift from Allah and must be preserved
  • Health is a blessing from Allah and must be safeguarded
  • Illness is a trial from Allah and must be fought
  • Collective benefit takes precedence over individual benefit
  • Risk of individual harm is endured in order to repel public harm
  • Aversion of harm takes priority over acquisition of benefit.

What this means for you

Keep track of who you’ve seen

You can socialise in groups of up to 100 people but keepyou must track of who you’ve seen, where you’ve been and when. 

Talk to your family

Help your family and others in your community stay informed. Offer support with practical tasks. 

Continue prayer

Continue prayer at home as much as possible.

Prayers can now also be held at mosques in groups of up to 100. Seek information from your mosque about when you can return and what safety measures are in place.

Keep track of who you've seen.

Keep track of who you’ve seen

  • Level 2 allows more freedom but it’s up to you to keep the vulnerable safe
  • Travel around the country is permitted but physical distancing must still be practiced. 

Your bubble can burst  

  • You are allowed to socialise outside of the home with people outside of your bubble 
  • All groups are limited to 100 people 
  • When outside, with your group, you must still remain more than 2 metres away from people you don’t know.

Find out more about keeping a safe distance from others here.

Shops can open

  • All shops are able to open if they can adhere to physical distancing guidelines 
  • It is recommended you use eftpos or credit to pay, rather than cash
  • Businesses will still offer online shopping only and contact-less delivery or pick up.

Contact tracing is important 

  • With bubbles bursting and shops opening, contact tracing is more important than ever 
  • Ensure you keep track of where you have been, who you have seen and when
  • You are advised to keep note of the names and numbers of all people you interact with socially.

Talk to your family.

Talk to your family

 تواصل مع العائلة
با فاميل درارتباط باشيد
La Hadal Ehelka

Family, friends and elders in the Canterbury Muslim community may not be able to understand the current information about COVID-19 being shared.

You have an important job to do to ensure they are aware of the current situation. We suggest you:

  • Call the elderly, sick or non-english speakers you know to check if they need help
  • All at-risk people are still advised to keep their distance from others and especially large groups self-isolate 
  • Offer to translate and explain what's going on in simple terms, following official information from the COVID-19 government website.
  • Keep talking to family, friends and neighbours to see if they need support.

Read more information on how to look after yourself and your community.

What to share with your friends and family

  • Ensure you ONLY follow official New Zealand government sources 
  • Keep all your messages simple 
  • Continue referring people to official information
  • Minimise sharing of opinions and 'what ifs'.

How to share information 

If your family and friends aren’t at risk, you can visit them! For any at-risk friends and family we suggest you use technology to keep in contact.

Some ideas for staying in touch are:

  • Join or start a community WhatsApp group  
  • Create a Phone Tree - you share key official information with your networks, who then share this with theirs
  • Use local Facebook groups and pages
  • Video call your usual networks to explain information and translate it if needed. Help others learn how to video call to stay in touch if you can.

Look after yourself

  • During COVID-19 it’s important you look after yourself as well
  • If you need someone to talk to please talk to the Muslim Wellbeing Team at Purapura Whetu.

Mosques can open.

Continue prayer

  • Mosques are now open with a maximum capacity of 100 people
  • To enter the mosque, you must first register your attendance 
  • You must bring your own prayer mat. This must be regularly cleaned with disinfectant
  • Safety measures are in place.

For full information, please speak to your specific mosque.